Creating the Story

Welcome to Old Vancouver

Old Vancouver is a place and a communication centre for people to explore, experience, learn from, contribute to, and create.

The communication centre gives people the opportunity to tell their stories, contribute information, ideas, and opportunities, and create connections within and outside the communities of Old Vancouver.

People interested in the neighbourhoods, cultures, and contributions of Old Vancouver can create connections, relationships, cooperative enterprise, and community around ideas, initiatives, and enterprises which contribute to the common social and community interests of Old Vancouver.


Creating Old Vancouver

The Old Vancouver community is the people who live or work in Old Vancouver and the people who consider Old Vancouver and those who live and work here as neighbors, friends, and part of the community.

The neighbourhood and the communities of people who live and work here are invited to tell the stories of Old Vancouver. The stories create Old Vancouver.

Old Vancouver is a heritage treasure which contributes to the experience, enjoyment, learning, and creative excitement of those who live and work here, and to visitors and others throughout the world who are interested in the story of Vancouver’s beginnings , – the cultures, the historic events, and the contributions tell the story of the evolution of the community. Old Vancouver is Vancouver’s heritage, a living museum, and an opportunity to create Vancouver’s heritage for future generations.

Why Heritage Matters

A community of cultures

Old Vancouver is a community of mixed incomes, interests, occupations, experiences, lifestyles, circumstances, and heritage. Old Vancouver is a diverse and welcoming community capable of becoming self-sustaining and providing all a community needs at a human level.

A creative community

Old Vancouver is rich with creative resources and expression and with artists who contribute to the cultural, social, and human development of the community. Old Vancouver is a centre for creativity and creative ideas which contribute to the health, the learning experiences, and the development of the community.

An entrepreneurial community

Old Vancouver is entrepreneurial. The community is exploring ways to cooperate around common interests, provide learning and personal development opportunities, and create entrepreneurial enterprises which contribute to creating community around common social interests.

Old Vancouver is an incubator of entrepreneurial ideas, exploring social challenges and interests, questioning perceptions, learning from and with one another, and exciting social entrepreneurship to create self-sustaining social enterprise.

A caring community

The people of Old Vancouver care about the community – the people and the neighbourhoods. They care about creating a community which contributes to improving the experience of life for others and which assists one another to become positive contributors.

Old Vancouver gives everyone the opportunity to explore ideas to create social systems which improve our ability to better care for ourselves, better care for others, and better contribute to common social interests.

Creating our community

What are the stories of Old Vancouver? What stories create Old Vancouver? What stories will create Old Vancouver for the future? What are the opportunities to explore?

Opportunities to explore Old Vancouver
Opportunities to contribute to creating the future for Old Vancouver