Centre A

Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, is a portal for exploring, experiencing and appreciating Asian arts and cultures through contemporary art exhibitions, media arts, performing arts, symposia, and learning programs. We serve the interests of audiences in Canada, Asia and other parts of the world.

Our interest is to create connections, conversations, and relationships between people through contemporary art and creative expression to increase our appreciation of the value and contribution of our various and unique cultures.

Centre A uses art to connect people, ideas and communities. We create a forum where people can participate in an ongoing conversation about Asian arts and cultures to create interest and build relationships between cultures.

Centre A offers one of the liveliest programs of exhibitions, performances, media arts and community events around contemporary Asian art in Vancouver.

We create learning opportunities for students and youth. We send Canadian artists abroad. We bring leading international artists to Canada. We organize tours to major arts events in Asia. We build links with other art centres across Canada and around the world. We create links for artists.

Global meets Local in Downtown Vancouver
The Story


“Our identity comes from each other”
Milton Wong, founding patron

Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art